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A curriculum vitae provides an overview of a person's experience and other qualifications. A CV is typically the first item that a potential employer encounters regarding the job seeker and is typically used to screen applicants, often followed by an interview, when seeking employment.

Cyberline Solutions has developed and deisgned CVMS which is primarily a candidate inventory management system.The Solution is deisgned to store candidate records and resumes as prebuilt inventory units. The CVMS Solution handles order placement by customers as it stores customer records as well. The CVMS Solution records customers details and creates orders for them. There is a core program in the solution that essentially allows the user of the application to bulk match orders to items from inventory. The CVMS Solution is capable to generate, manage and look after the Applicant Resume Details and search and mail process of Placement organizations (agencies). This software is also capable of storing, updating, searching, mailing facility for client's requirements. Searched Reports can be saved, reused and updated. Hard copies can be Generated, attached to Mails etc using the CVMS Solution.

Master Entities like the ones mentioned below can also be created:
  • City: Creation of cities under countries
  • Degree: Creation of Degrees
  • Language: Creation of Languages
  • Designations: Creation of Designations
  • Job type: Creation of Job Types
  • Clients: Creation of clients
  • Applicant: To store records of applicants
  • Search Settings: To specify conditions of search
Thus the Consultant can open a customer order and simply click a button to fetch items from their CV inventory to match the order specifications. The consultant can then forward these CVs attached into email to the customer to shortlist the best candidate CVs that match their job description. When the customer has found one, it leads to an successful order closure for the consultant.

Cyberline Solutions CVMS follows the following model of Design, Deliver, Customize architecture.

Deployment Model: The application is web browser deployable system that can be hosted either within the company intranet server or can be also hosted online – the internet, using a shared or dedicated hosting environment. Being a web browser accessible application, the application overcomes the major hurdle of being a platform dependent product. The application doesn’t need a ‘rich client’ to access its features. One just needs a simple ‘standards compatible’ web browser that is nowadays bundled with any Operating system be it windows 7 or Vista or Linux or Mac OSx.

Application framework: The application has been built using the robust framework and is such ensures code security and implements strict application security using the CAS features of the .net framework. The application also uses the browser security model to further strengthen the application pages real time.

Application Architecture: The CVMS Application has been designed and developed using the rules of the robust Object Oriented Programming paradigm which is not specific to the .NET framework, but is known as an established standard for building robust and easily scalable applications. Moreover the application has been developed using the RAD – Rapid Application Development methodology and has been neatly categorized into the presentation tier and the business tier which is again coherently coupled with the Data tier, which makes it possible to support application feature customizations in an iterative and incremental approach.

Database System: The CVMS application uses the scalable and highly robust SQL server 2005 Database management software from the Microsoft product stable and as such ensures data security, data scalability and robustness right out of the box. Unless being hosted in a company intranet, no licensing cost is to be expended by the customer. Max User Support: The application has no limitation on the number of users that can simultaneously access the application. The application supports maximum number of users as is allowed by the Web server where the application is hosted and/or the access controls imposed by DB server.

Application Modules: Before we continue, one of the most significant feature supported by the application, is multi location accessibility. The application can be accessed from multiple locations. Though the concept of locations is not brought out at the forefront of the application as not all of the intended audiences might have a multi location setup, the application provides the facility to create multiple administrators to govern the dataset for a multi location deployment or a multi hierarchy setup. The Application categorizes the application users into four distinctive roles :-
  • Super Admin: As the name suggests, the super admin is the ultimate controller of the application. The super admin can create administrative accounts and manage corporate profiles of customers as well

  • The Administrator: The administrator plays an important role in the application. The admin is responsible for building the database of the application which include company contacts, industries catered to by the application, the different industry specific roles / managerial, non managerial positions fulfilled by the application. The admin can also build an educational institutions database containing a list of institutions which they use as a source for their candidate database
    The admin can also create accounts for support staff and supervisors

  • Support Staff: The support staff login is the personnel that keeps logged into the system, to access the candidate database, create and store details of job openings / vacancies under existing corporate accounts, shortlist candidates based on their skillset and capability, also record financial details of the placement as agreed to between the candidate sourcing company and the corporate account. Each user handles one position at a time though they be given multiple assignments to work on

  • Super Staff: The super Staff can access all the features of a support staff and in addition also add customer accounts, create contacts for corporate accounts, access statistical reports, perform some administrative tasks

Import Utility: This feature forms the most important data input methodology for the application. In most scenarios, the application is deployed, people have been either using a legacy system or the trusted MS Excel spreadsheet software for storing their candidate and assignment database. The import utility is designed to accept sheets of data in excel format which can be “ported” into the C.V application within a matter of few minutes.

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