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CRM application provides real time visibility in the Sales Team activities so that they can forecast sales with confidence, making it easy to manage customer information so that the sales team can spend less time handling data and more time for which they have been allocated. Out in the field with customers.

The sales CRM puts everything you need at your fingertips, available everywhere. Its easy to use as information that you need gets pushed in real time, Suddenly a sale is not possible, but made easy. For Marketing, nothing is more important than tracking the sales that result from leads generated through Marketing Campaigns on your website, thru email or any other lead generation processes. CRM allows the marketing teams track leads & sources of the leads, route the same to the sales team's in real time & provide analytics to see whats working and what can be improved.

A CRM provides you with the following advantages:
  • Accurate Funnel or Lead Management
  • Assess Real Time Visibility into Sales
  • Customer Information
  • Close More Deals Faster
  • Connect with social customers
  • Reduce Service Costs
We at Cyberline Solutions believe in a customized approach towards providing a comprehensive CRM solution for managing your leads and information. By offering the solution in such an approach, we offer more flexibility by adding more capabilities and features which are more relevant to your business, thereby providing a scalable yet robust solution enabling you to benefit from the implementation of the same.

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