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Now you can customize any event for any occasion, time & Month of the year and send it to your existing as well as prospective customer and also manage their responses online. Additionally, you can use our tools to promote you’re your event.

We have designed custom built solution for managing events and invitees/attendees. Invitation Manager includes features such as quick registration, confirmation/decline links which are embedded in the email. A basic login can also be provisioned for the attendees to ensure that they are keeping you updated on their status all the while there by ensuring that you are in constant touch with your set of invitees/customers with updated information.

Along with comprehensive admin module for creating/manging events, teams to manage invitee list for an event with a re-activation feature for delayed entrants if need be, we have created a application that can ensure to your organisation 100% visibility on managing and comprehensively forecasting the success or failure of any event organised by your organsiation.

Following are the feature set of activities that could be effectively done using the invitation manager:
  • Creative Services & Event Management including multiple events at various locations can be simutaneously handled with the assistance of the invitation manager
  • Contact Management including what kind of contacts need to be invited for what kind of events based on the contact information available all all given times at a click of a button
  • As above you can send the invitation yourself with less or no interventation basis the database available for the event management
  • Managing the responses can also be easily taken care of as the application can be embedded with your email server, hence regular updates can be available easily
  • Can be customised to your specific requirements if desired
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