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Integrated design is a collaborative method for designing websites which emphasizes the development of a holistic design.

Conventional Website design usually involves a series of hand-offs from customer to developer, from developer to viewer. This path does not invite all affected parties into the planning process, and therefore does not take into account their needs, areas of expertise or insights. In some cases, using the conventional method, incompatible elements of the design are not discovered until late in the process when it is expensive to make changes. In contrast, the integrated design process requires multidisciplinary collaboration, including key stakeholders and design professionals, from conception to completion. Decision-making protocols and complementary design principles must be established early in the process in order to satisfy the goals of multiple stakeholders while achieving the overall project objectives.

In addition to extensive collaboration, integrated design involves a “whole website design” approach. A website is viewed as an interdependent system, as opposed to an accumulation of its separate components (site, structure, systems and use). The goal of looking at all the systems together to is make sure they work in harmony rather than against each other.

Also “Seeing is believing” maybe a cliché to the world but is a guiding philosophy.
At Cyberline Solutions, visual design is not just a business but a passion and an inspiration. Creativity and aesthetic panache is something we adore, cherish, value, encourage and to top it all, we have abundance of it!

The internet as a media provides a great avenue to establish and build a brand presence through visual design. A brand identity epitomizes your persona, your aspirations, your promises, your values and your vision. We believe that visual communication drives brand identity, brand remembrance and is an indicator of the focus of a company on brand building.

We provide a compelling experience which champions your brand identity in every facet of your communication. We have a unique and interesting approach for visual design. Our visual design approach has been modeled on a painter, his thought process and his work. Please view our methodology to gain insight into our creative process.

Our visual design services are geared for small and medium enterprises spanning a large canvas encompassing various industry verticals and business domains.

Some of the services we offer from our creativity package are.
  • Corporate Presentations
  • Multimedia Presentations
  • Banner Management
  • Microsites
  • Newsletters
  • Electronic Data Mailers
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Web Application Development Services
The following are the valuable web application development services provided by Cyberline Solutions especially for your better online business.